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Mountain Fruits (pvt) limited was initiated by the Aga Khan Rural Support Program in 2000 as a fruit drying training program for communities to improve traditional, unhygienic fruit drying system in the northern areas of Pakistan so that the disadvantaged, small farmers may organized themselves, produce a product of international quality standard and should be able to sell it under Fairtrade mark to generate more income. After achieving the primary objectives of training, in year 2004 the project was formally registered as a fairly trading private limited company.


Mountain Fruits is producing fairly traded dried apricots, wild apricots; apricot kernels (sweet and bitter), dried apples, organic walnuts and almonds from the northern areas of Pakistan. The area is surrounded by mighty Himalayan Mountains, Karakorum Mountains and Hindukush Mountains.  Mountain Fruit is the first fruit processing industry employing over 150 ladies as seasonal workers. The company has 4,500 contract small farmers organized in to 78 village organizations. Mountain Area Fruit Farmers Association is a representative body of the small organizations working as producers’ executive body.  ]


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